Our Mission

  • To provide complete satisfaction to the people we depend on from day to day...Our Customers.


  • To provide professional, trustworthy technicians to take care of your electrical and A/C needs.


  • To provide a honest, upstanding company for our employees, customers, and community.



Our Past Customers



I would like to express my satisfaction and sincere appreciation for the service rendered to me by you and Advanced Energy Services.  Over the last two (2) years, I held your company in high regard for the great reputation it established with referred customers.  My original impression of the company came directly from interaction with Anthony Sisk, whom I call “Tony”.  Tony was reliable, personable, and professional at all times.  He demonstrated consistently a sense of urgency in returning calls to schedule appointments or to address any issue.  He was the “face” of the company for me and represented you well.  Until my HVAC unit failed, I had no idea just how “extraordinarily” professional, not only Tony was, but the ENTIRE team you put together!  These guys defined what “class” is in contracting professions.  They were on-time or EARLY, reliable, and showed integrity to a fault.  Todd, Robert, Tony, Kevin, and Kurt, ALL worked together in concert!  Each one of the technicians had a different role/task in the installation of the unit.  All of them were conscientious and methodical in their assigned task.  They were clean in their work, vacuuming each time they entered the attic.  One night I offered to vacuum after they left, as they had worked for at least 10 hours.  They refused, saying they “would not feel right” about leaving anything behind for me to clean up!  Incredible! 

Whenever a major appliance needs replacement, it is a stressful time.  You do not know who to trust or who will complete the work correctly or professionally. Cost can also be a huge factor.  Advanced Energy Services helped me through all of these concerns.  Thanks again to you Don and the entire AES team!


R. Smith

Orlando, Florida



We would like to express our satisfaction with the service rendered by your company Advanced Energy services.We found your company to be honest, fair, and knowledgeable.  Your workmen were very professional, reliable and showed integrity. You have a good group of men who show respect for you and your company as well as your customers.  We are very satisfied with the installation of our Heat and air unit.  We greatly appreciate all the follow up phone calls as to our satisfaction and service you offer and returning our phone calls promptly.  We would definitely recommend you and your company to any one in need of your services.

John and Mary R.

Oviedo, Florida

 April 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Russell;

Advanced Energy Service,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you again for the work you have done for my home. I know it wasn’t the biggest job you could have had but it really makes a difference to me when I call a company and they do as thorough a job as you did. To think, you were only recommended to me in passing by a co-worker.

As I had told you, we had a lot of work done on our outside unit not a year ago. While that company was here, we had them do a check of the rest to make sure we weren’t missing anything. The repair made cost us a hefty amount of money but it got the AC working again. Shortly after, we started having a new problem, one we couldn’t really figure out the cause for, at least not until you came along. If it weren’t for your obvious experience we wouldn’t have even begun to know that by adding a slightly larger unit, part of that first fix, would we need to enlarge the air flow into the system to compensate. Apparently neither did the first company who installed that unit. On top of that, you not only figured it out amazingly fast, but took care of it right away for a great price and now the system works ten times better than it had before.

Rest assured that we will be calling you for any issues we have in the future and that all of our friends will be getting you number as well. I have never been happier to call a recommended company before in my life. Thank you again.



Eric S.


April 21, 2009

Dear Don & AES team,

I would like to thank you for being the company we come to for all of our clients’ air conditioning needs. Your team’s quick response times and constant willingness to work just a little extra to see to any emergency we throw you way not only makes our clients happy but makes it that much easier on us. Add to that the knowledge and experience you have shown at every service call, even when we have a quick question over the phone, makes it impossible for us to even think about calling anyone else for service. We could not ask for a better company to work with when it comes to making our tenants, owners, and ourselves happy.

If it weren’t for that first amazing AC service you gave me at my own home, we would never know the extent of how good of a repair solution you could be for our clients. Please let me know if you ever need any sort of recommendation. I would be happy to tell them of all the work you do for us. Thank you and your team again for all of the hard work they put in for us and the properties we manage.


Lidya G.

Broker & Owner

Property Management


July 9, 2009

Dear Don,

Tom and I want to thank you for the superior service you and your crew performed. AES has A-1 customer service and we will refer your company to others without hesitation.

Not only is your customer service the best we have experienced since moving to Florida in 1991, but your employees are the most friendly, hard working, and respectful people we have encountered in any service company (Todd, Kurt, John, Jimmy, and the guy with the incredibly laugh, and Kevin the drywall guy). We also want you to know, Don, that ALL of your employees speak of you in wonderful terms - and THAT is highly unusual in any company. You have created an all-around wonderful business through your integrity.

We wish your company continued success and we hope that you will have continued success in finding great people to work for you. It was a breath of fresh air to do business with all of you.

With utmost appreciation and sincerity,

Dina & Tom C.

Altamonte Springs, FL

I would like to thank you for the outstanding service work you personally,and your technicians
performed at my home.Ever since we had the origional ductwork replaced with flex duct 5 years
ago we have had problems with low airlflow and lack of cooling in some of the rooms in the house.
We had the company who replaced the duct work come and check it out,they made some adjustments
but no noticeable improvement,we had an other company come out to do an other check and get a
second opinion,they too only made some adjustments on the duct vents which didn't improve
anything.We finally had Progress Energy do an Energy Audit and requested that a duct test be done.
Your company Advanced Energy Service was recommended.When you did the test you found a
number of things that were wrong:kinks in supply ducts,no return duct in one room,and too small
a supply duct in the master bedroom.Your technicians came out and straightened out the kinks
added a return in the one room and an additional supply in the master bedroom and voila for the
first time in a long tme we are having good cool air flowing in the whole house thanks to your
expertise and workmanship.
Thank you again,you can be assured that in the future we will call only your company for preventive
maintenance service and/or any other issues we may have because we know we can trust you.
We already have told some of our friends about the pleasant experience we have had with your company
and recommended you highly for any service needs they might have.
Heinz B.